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Somebody Do Something

I can see your soul.
I can see your soul.

And by something I mean more than swapping a 4th liner for some mid-round picks.

Leafs Links

Leafs Nation Podcast

The boys talk free agency and a possible dispersal draft.

Top 10 American-Born Players in the NHL Today

Phil Kessel comes in at #5.

Tim Connolly, A Look at His Role and His Future

Cam Charron tries to find #12 a home.

How Different Would Things Be if We Went Back to Only 1-year contracts?

Heaven and anarchy all at once.

More links after the jump.

Other Links

Everything You Need to Know about the ECHL

The Toledo Storm ruled the 90s.

Thanks a lot Youth Hockey

It apparently isn't as good as a workout as we previously thought.

Tim Stapleton Signs with Dynamo Minsk of the KHL

No suitors for a 29 yo, 27pt, cheap as hell player? Ok then.

Drawing NHL Team Logos from Memory

Not too shabby. How many could you do? Does the Gordon's Fisherman count for the Islanders?