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A Franchise That I Used To Know

Backstory: A reader, presumably the singer's friend, e-mailed me this this morning explaining that this is Andy Damelin who is competing to be on The Score as part of their Drafted show. You can follow him at @transition_d or vote for him here. Warning (or bonus maybe): The opening features an almost crotch shot.

So this is the latest Leafs video that all of your friends will be forwarding around. It has some of the typical bullshit complaining about robbing Calgary for Phaneuf (shocking, naked dude doesn't like it) or complaining about the Kessel trade. Damelin also apparently grew up in some alternate universe where in his lifetime the Leafs have usually been good.

I depressingly discussed this with a co-worker but we are actually living in the Leafs' status quo. 1992-2004 was an oasis in the post-1967 period and is nowhere near the reality of the average Leafs' existence. "But they made the playoffs in the 80s!" would say a complete moron (maybe even this guy based on some of his lyrics) but that would ignore the fact that divisional playoffs were a joke and the Leafs never had a chance at a Cup because of a mix of either their incompetence (some years), not being good enough (other years), and sharing time with three of the greatest NHL dynasties of all-time (a lot of years).

But, Andy may or may not believe those arguments. He could just be using them because they fit the lyrics and because the song represents the majority opinion of Leafs fans and let's be honest the majority of any fanbase is dumb. Maybe the video doubles as a look at the surreal quality of being a Leafs fan where even the best moves are crap and the very act of being a fan is pilloried.

Overall, it's a pretty good video and the body paint is neat and hopefully the guy turns out to be good on The Score because I know a lot of people over there and they're way better than Sportsnet.