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Who Are We?

I don't know about you, but Carlyle seems rather pleased with this team's "identity".
I don't know about you, but Carlyle seems rather pleased with this team's "identity".

No, I don't mean people in general. I mean the Toronto Maple Leafs. Who are they? What's their identity. Are we hard nosed? Fast checking young guns? Quick skating old farts? Really I have no idea and that's why Mike Langlois asked the question in the first place and wants your input on it.

Do the Maple Leafs Have an Identity? What Does It Need to Be?

I guess what I’m getting at is, most good teams have, or at least over time develop what we call an identity. It’s perhaps a bit of an over-used term, but I believe it has some meaning. I accept that even some championship teams did not necessarily have a particular "identity". But for me, there is something to the idea that a good "team", as a collective unit, has or at least over time builds something special together—a spirit, a togetherness that manifests itself not only in that sense of strong camaraderie, but also in the way they play. Teams who feel—and believe—that they have a unique identity, something particular to them as a group, tend to fight hard to play to that identity because they have earned the designation in the minds of the media, their fans- and maybe in their own minds, as well.

Head on over to VLM to read the rest of Mike's post and give him your thoughts on just what the Leafs' identity might be.

Also, check out this slick mullety-goodness pic of Leafs coach Randy Carlyle from his days in the blue and white over at Vintage Leafs.

Today's theme is "vintage" if you haven't noticed.