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Leafs Make Offer for Jonathan Bernier

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Per Hockey Night in Canada's Andi Petrillo:

1. This is really Andi Petrillo.

2. Weirdly enough, she follows @HockeyyInsiderr (not my parody) on Twitter and he posted that rumor about 30 minutes before her. If Ms. Petrillo isn't using him as a source it's a good bet anything he gets right is going through her.

3. Jonathan Bernier had a .901 ESSV. His .909 overall was propped up by the fact that he had a .926 on the PK. Do not want at all.

4. I'm guessing this is either total nonsense or Luongo leverage.

5. Please no Bernier.

Bernier's rank of active NHL goalies for ESSV:

Year Rank
07-08 81st
09-10 4th
10-11 46th
11-12 73rd

In 09-10 he played three games. Horrendous goalie.