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So Many Thoughts for Today's FTB

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Elliotte Friedman's fantastic segment, 30 Thoughts closes out its season with this week's installment, and it's got a lot of good talking points. 30 44 Thoughts. Of note, the following on the Leafs' brass hunting for goaltending:

27. Have to believe that, yes, Toronto's inquired about Jonathan Bernier. Brian Burke isn't doing his job if he doesn't. But there are doubts Burke is incredibly serious about him. Was he serious about Martin Brodeur? Yes. Is he more serious than he lets on about Luongo? Yes. Bernier doesn't really fit Toronto's stated criteria of a veteran in goal.

Not thrilled with the idea that Burke was serious about Brodeur, but since that's behind us now and we have little to go on, I'm not going to worry about it. With another Thought making it clear that Florida is the front runner for Luongo, the goaltending is as much a problem today as it was yesterday. At least it's an issue of concern, I guess, but I'm hoping Burke doesn't make a starter out of a mediocre fallback option. I mean, who gets angry about Garth Snow?