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Oh, Baby!

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So as some of you sleepyheads will have noticed by now, at approximately 1:30 a.m. this morning, Darren Dreger revealed that Shea Weber has signed an offer sheet from Paul "Mad Man" Holmgren for over $100M and 14 years.

Should the David Poile and the Nashville Predators choose not to match this offer, the compensation for the deal would be four first round picks from Philadelphia. As PPP commenter Spezzal Teams Playa pointed out last night: "Would you trade four Tyler Biggseses"? The answer should be an easy "yes", since the Flyers would likely be giving up four picks in the mid-20's. This would be a huge coup for Holmgren, who needs to bolster his defence with someone other than Luke Schenn.

Poile has to match. He has to. Here's the snag. Does Nashville have $26M to fork over for the first season? He has seven days to figure that out.

In other news, the owners are in discussions with the NHLPA, whining that contracts should be limited to 5 years max, and of course, they'll also want salary rollbacks, the elimination of signing bonuses, and a narrower range of spending between the cap floor and ceiling. Somewhere, Donald Fehr is laughing at their demands.

On a completely different note, I'll ask you to follow @GlobeOlympics on Twitter. The ever-insightful James Mirtle will be in foggy Londontown covering the Games, and you might as well get your news from the best.

Happy reading, everyone.

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