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Bullets Dodged Neo Style

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One of the biggest worries in Leafs Nation was that Colby Armstrong getting the heave-ho wasn't a sign that Burke was actually ready to turn to youth in the bottom six. Brandon Prust's name swirled in our fevered dreams as Colby Armstrong 2.0. All the signs were there: Prust played a marginal role on a good team, Prust was some nebulous idea of "tough", Prust was available.

Luckily for us Brian Burke stayed out of the market yesterday. Despite bigots calling him a purse carrier or using the day to get in homophobic shots the simple fact is that Alex Semin, Ryan Suter, Zach Parise and Matt Carle didn't even sign yesterday.

Montreal got "tougher" somehow by signing the oft injured Armstrong and previously mentioned Brandon Prust. Buffalo got "tougher" by signing John Scott: a six foot eight enforcer who can't skate or play anything resembling hockey. Ottawa shipped out Nick Foligno for Marc Methot and replaced him with Guillaume Latendresse.

Seems like 29 other GMs should have taken the chance to enjoy some sunshine and support a great cause.

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