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Some Of The News Fit To Print

Hung out with this dude`s dad on Wednesday. In your face.
Hung out with this dude`s dad on Wednesday. In your face.

It's FRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! and here are some links for you to read while you get through the last day before the weekend. Please toss any other good links in the comments.

TJ Oshie Signs With St. Louis

The Blues avoid arbitration with their young stud

Dr. Recchi Talks CBA

Justin Bourne looks at some of the good doctor's comments on the current negotiations.

On The Bodychecking Study

Daniel Wagner points out that these kind of studies quite often are used to make sweeping generalizations. The real conclusion is pretty interesting.

NBA To Add Ads To Jerseys, Americans To Lose Their Shit

This is common practice in Europe but I guess that just makes it worse.

Why No Goalie?

Cam Charron looks at all of the goalies that Brian Burke has missed out on and what they cost.

JM Liles: Not Completely Useless

I'd love to see this broken out as pre and post-concussion. Contract still stinks. Also, the Leafs need more defence to help Phaneuf and Gunnarsson.