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Leafs Add Steve Staios To Front Office

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There isn't a whole lot of specific info about what Steve Staios will do for the Leafs on a daily basis, but the best summary of things actually comes from the Leafs' official site:

Staios, 39, will advise the Leafs management team on the prospects and players at all levels of the organization. He will also be relied upon for special assignments by both the amateur and pro scouting departments.

Staios actually played for the Islanders as recently as this past season, so as he mentions on his G+ Hangout (Mike Ulmer's face is hilariously spliced in for the first minute, go check it out), he still knows a lot of players in the game.

I don't know if he's a fitness guru, has a particularly keen eye for talent, or if he works really well with younger players, but it's obvious that the Leafs are continuing to spend money wherever they can to find an edge. That's worth something.

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