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"I'm the player-to-be-named later"

I KNEW I should have taken that dump before practice! (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
I KNEW I should have taken that dump before practice! (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Bull Durham is one of the greatest sports films ever made and this is the first line uttered by Crash Davis in that movie. In seven words, the audience gets almost all they need to know about the character's background: Davis is an afterthought in the realm of baseball; some team decided his usefulness was at an end and he winds up catching in 'A' ball in North Carolina. I've sort of reached the same conclusion about Matthew Lombardi and Tim Connolly. These two guys were valuable pieces (but not stars) in their prime, but time and injury seem to have caught up with them. I'm not suggesting either player is done in the NHL, but it certainly seems that their usefulness to the Toronto Maple Leafs may be at an end. Personally, I'd move each one for next to nothing. At least that grants up $7m+ in extra cap space to work with during the season.

Cam Charron of the Leafs Nation (as always, a site worthy of a few minutes of your time) looked at Lombardi and reached largely the same conclusion:

Lombardi was never a play-driver everywhere. Despite favourable minutes in his last two full seasons, he's never been a plus-possession player compared to his teammates...There's not a lot that can be done with him, if sending him to the minors won't be an option anymore.

Well, let's hope that the Leafs find some poor taker. Links after the jump...

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