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Time to Blame the Fans?

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Sweet knockoff jersey you jerk.
Sweet knockoff jersey you jerk.

Is It Time to Blame the Fans? - Danny Gray over at Leafs Nation

Late last night my esteemed colleague in blogging Steve Dangle asked a question that’s been on the mind of Leafs’ fans all summer, and for most of the past eight years: What is going on? Steve speculated that the Leafs are working furiously behind the scenes to pull off a blockbuster deal for either a #1C or #1G.

I mean, they have to be right? We’ve gone over this roster with a fine tooth comb this off-season and there is no way this team is capable of contending. Yet it’s July 31st and the only thing the Leafs appear to be doing is tying up some loose ends by signing AHL guys like Zigomanis and Fraser. What gives? I think that while the Leafs’ problems have been widely documented, we have yet to do something normally done by the Damien Coxes and Howard Bergers of the world. Blame the fans.

I know one fan I'll be blaming. Danny Gray. What a jerk, I wonder how many hats he wears. More links after the jump.

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