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Who Farted Ya'll?

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Uh oh, I forgot to take my pre-game dump.
Uh oh, I forgot to take my pre-game dump.

Our own JP Nikota had a little chat with Fart Face McGee himself Greg McKegg after a charity hockey game last week and he's got a transcript:

JPN: Jim Hughes, the Leafs director of player development, recently said that you have a great hockey IQ, great hockey smarts, but that one thing you're working on is adding an explosiveness to your skating. What are you doing this off-season to focus on that?

GMcK: They've got me down there with a skating coach - Barb Underhill - she's really good with all the guys, so it's been great working with her so far.

So with Barb Underhill, what kind of things are you doing, specifically?

It's basically an overview of my stride and quick starts.

So you're looking at a lot of video footage?

Yeah, we look at a little video footage, examining the stride and trying to break it down.

Has she given you any specific exercises?

We do a little bit on the ice, but we are doing more technique. We do a lot of stretching and things like that help, too.

Head on over to Leafs Nation for the full interview. Links after the jump.

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