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Revenge of the Fallen?

Transform and stop pucks.
Transform and stop pucks.

The Rise and Fall of Optimus Reim: Will James Reimer Return As a True #1 Goalie? - Sam Gamper at The Best Game You Can Name

We remember watching the repeating replays of Brian Gionta's supposedly unintentional clip of James Reimer, our hopes for the season hanging in the balance. Wondering if this was the end to a young promising season, we watched as the trainer rushed out toward the Leaf goal and had insult added to injury as oft-obtuse colour commentator Glenn Healy suggested that Reimer was "putting on a show". (Editor's Note: Glenn Healy is a certifiable asshole.)

He 'sold it' so well that he would miss over 2 months in rehab and never be the same for the rest of the '11, '12 season. The slow fall of the Leafs season from the heights of screenshots of first place overall to second last in the east was marked by reoccurring instances of suspect goaltending from Jonas Gustavsson and an injury plagued James Reimer.

Head on over and read the rest about the Reims. More links after the jump.

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