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Leafs, lockout, and other links

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First, a good read from the New York Times' Slap Shot blog on the looming lockout:

And the idea that a 50-50 split means the owners and players are equal partners in the N.H.L. as a business? Fehr doesn’t buy it."If we are partners, do we have joint control?" Fehr said. "Do we get to have an equal say on how the marketing is done, how the promotion is done, where the money is invested, where the franchises are located? Do we have an equal say on when teams are sold, where the money goes? Do we get part of that? Do we have an equal say on how the television arrangements are done? Do we have an equal say on anything? That’s what a partnership normally implies."

Both Bettman and Fehr have described the difference between the two sides in these negotiations as a "wide gulf." They will speak by phone this weekend, Bettman said, before meeting again face-to-face in Toronto on Wednesday for at least two more days of direct talks.

But a settlement anytime before Sept. 15 would be a surprise. The real deadline on the 2012-13 N.H.L. season may end up being sometime in December.

The NYT thinks the NHL has a major edge right now as a lockout to start the season is just weeks away. But that edge will shift to the NHLPA once we get to December the the threat of cancelling the Winter Classic (and it's big sponsorship revenue) becomes more real.

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