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Not So Great Expectations?

Uh oh, his tie's done up.
Uh oh, his tie's done up.

Toronto Maple Leafs Annual 2012-13 Annual: The Burden of Expectation - Cam Charron at NHL Numbers

What do you do in the offseason when your team has a single scoring line, a single capable centreman, a single quality defenceman, and two question marks in goal? As it turns out, the answer is nothing. Pay lip service to the problems the team faces and blame the economic reality of the NHL.

As it goes, the Maple Leafs have been behaving like a streetcar. Brian Burke opened his tenure with the team making a variety of bold moves. He shipped three picks to Boston for Phil Kessel. He dealt for Dion Phaneuf. He began a foray into the NCAA ranks to find undrafted talent. Then he sat on his hands, with every move he makes so carefully scrutinized by so many uninformed personalities in the world's most NHL-crazed city.

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