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A Bit Of Leaf-Related Discussion

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There isn't a whole lot of Toronto Maple Leafs news to call upon at this point in the year, but I have to hand it to our blogroll; folks have found a lot of different subjects to expand upon. Ryan Rupert, for instance, has been interviewed by Kyle Cicerella, and has a few statements about his style of play:

"There are a lot of similarities," said Rupert about his and Hunter’s playing style. "He’s a gritty hockey player, one of the tough guys and top four in penalty minutes all time. That’s what I model my game after."

Follow me over the jump for more good stuff on several Leafs-related issues.

Leafs Links:

What About Them American Boys?

I realized that Burke seems to be trying to capitalize on the large number of scouts he has at his disposal to find a new source of talent.

The passion of fans will keep the lockout short
Danny Gray turns the 'fans are ruining the league' argument in on itself.

Are you envious that Burke isn’t pulling a Holmgren, as most NHL GM’s take a pass on late summer roster activity?
Well, I'm not so envious yet. Especially since I think we got the better of the JvR-for-Schenn deal. From Michael Langlois.

Relating Pythagorean Expectation to the Toronto Maple Leafs
Tony Notarianni has mostly bad news for you.

Marlies’ captain optimistic of AHL rule change
A modified no-touch icing call will be tested this year. It's probably for the best. From Kyle Cicerella.

Other Hockey Links:

NHL collective bargaining talks cancelled for Wednesday
Not to worry, they're going to reconvene today. From the CP at the Globe.

Oilers sign Taylor Hall to seven-year contract extension
It's a cap hit of $6M per season, in case you haven't heard. Good deal. From the CP at the Globe.

History Lessons: West Coast Represent
Ellen Etchingham has a piece on a man who revolutionized hockey.

The glory of hockey stick art
Here, we have a pretty liberal use of the term 'art', but it's interesting nonetheless. From Justin Bourne.