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The Best of the Best: Greatest Hits and Brand New Classics from DGB

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Did you get yours yet? Author, blogger, TSN Panelist, and friend of the blog Sean "DownGoesBrown" McIndoe's book, The Best of Down Goes Brown: Greatest Hits and Brand New Classics-to-Be from Hockey's Most Hilarious Blog, is now on sale for Kindle, iTunes, or paperback pre-order, which is being published October 30th, all for the low low price of $9.99! That's just .000999% of Darcy Tucker's buyout!

Get your copy as a conversation piece - you can tell your friends you were into DGB before it was a book. Get your copy to spare you from the wrath of Wendel. Get your copy because you've enjoyed DGB and you know the book is going to be a must-read. If you don't get it on iTunes or Kindle, pre-order a stack to hand out as Halloween candy.

Assuming you've purchased and read DGB's book, it's time to carry on filling your day with the links below:

CBA News

Progress Slow in N.H.L. Talks -
Fehr has made a couple comments about the NHL's proposal we discussed yesterday. And so this summer goes.

NHL wants to drop salary cap without a player wage rollback

A couple options for how the NHL could make this happen. Open Mike Komisarek's capgeek page, and do this dance while chanting "amnesty buyout" until the page disappears.

Hockey "News"

Kyle Turris, most famous for being banished to Ottawa, signs 5-year deal
17.5M over 5 years, 3.5M AAV. "If you hold out, we'll send you to Ottawa and you'll be stuck there for five years!"

Omark Signs in Switzerland - The Copper & Blue
If you don't know why this is funny, click the last link in the article.

Rene Bourque Had Abdominal Surgery
Expects to be out 8 to 12 weeks, so to or through November. He might even miss a game of hockey!

Fantasy Hockey: Breaking down the top NHL wingers

DobberHockey at Puck Daddy. I think Robert Rosén can repeat, but Nicklas Danielsson had a strong year. Wait - does ESPN cover Fantasy SEL?

Words of Wisdom

If you do one thing today, pre-order DGB's book. If you do two things today, pre-order DGB's book and watch All Heart.