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Somebody touched all of my money.
Somebody touched all of my money.

No Toronto Maple Leafs Player Should be Untouchable - Lukas Hardonk at the Hockey Writers

Let’s start off with Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul, who frequently found themselves near the top of the NHL in scoring last season. Kessel maintained his position by finishing sixth, while Lupul dropped significantly due to injury, but did manage to finish with 67 points in 66 games. What people must realize, though, is those point totals don’t automatically make them top players in this league. They both still have plenty of growing to do before reaching the 100-point level, which isn’t entirely expected of them.
If you still think they should be considered untouchable, let’s consider this. The Anaheim Ducksoffer the Maple Leafs a package that includes Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf for either Kessel or Lupul. Now Leaf fans, who would you rather have on your team? Keep in mind that you have been calling for one of these two for years. As well, both would provide size, compete and an improved two-way game to the Leafs’ top-six.

What? No seriously what? For Joffrey Lupul, absolutely. But Bob Murray isn't mentally retarded so he's never trading any of his valuable assets for Joffrey Lupul. As for everything related to Phil Kessel in those two paragraphs, well I could do a point by point take down of why it's all completely asinine, but I won't. I'll just say this, the sooner people stop pretending the real world works like NHL12 Be-A-GM mode,the better.

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