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Another team in the GTA, you say?

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Nuts to another team coming to Toronto (or Markham, whatever). I swear allegiance to the Blue & White Maple Leafs Flag, and vow that my bones will be long dry by the time they put me in a jersey that says "The Hogtown Beavers" or whatever stupid name they'd inevitably come up with.

I'm at least glad to see that there are a few others out there that share my view. Michael Langlois reassures me:

I don't really have a good argument for my views other than this: I'm a Leaf guy and Toronto hockey, for me, means Maple Leaf hockey. All the great names who have played in Toronto for the past 80 years or so have been Maple Leafs, from King Clancy and Babe Pratt to Charlie Conacher, not to mention Syl Apps, Turk Broda, Teeder Kennedy and all the greats of my own youth-Johnny Bower, Frank Mahovlich (at right), Horton, Keon, Duff, Ellis and so many more in recent years. Conn Smythe built the Toronto Maple Leafs. They represented more than just Toronto, for sure, but those players, and this proud franchise, have always been a huge part of the fabric of this great city.

You tell 'em Mike. Now for the rest of you, jump for more links or you'll be considered a GTA Team Sympathizer.

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Short on defense, Flyers sign Marc-Andre Bourdon
From the AP via the Globe.

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Carolina extends Jeff Skinner with a 6 year contract
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Introducing the hockey side of this year’s Blogs with Balls panel
This sounds like a really interesting thing to attend. Link from JB.