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Let's Remember The Good Times

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Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share. I wish there was something you would do or say to make me change my mind and stay. But screw all the bad times, let's remember when things went right, and I didn't have to quote classic rock and folk songs to keep you interested. Danny Gray has an awesome post over at The Leafs Nation about some of the more fantastic moments in Leafs history, and you should definitely read about 'em:

I grew up outside of a small town, we had just gotten satellite that Christmas and it allowed us to watch a different channel on each TV in the house for the first time ever. I was sitting on the floor in my mom’s room watching the game on a tiny less than 20inch TV. When Sundin hammered that rebound home I immediately began screaming and ran to the other end of the house to celebrate. I didn’t see a replay of that goal until I watched it on youtube a few years ago. I was elated. The game was going to OT, I made my sisters turn off whatever dumb show they were watching and put the game on the big-screen. Then Martin Gelinas happened. Ugh. I went from honestly believing that the Leafs would win in OT and advance to the Finals to having all my hopes and dreams torn away from me. (Do you see the theme in these posts?)

So share some of your own wonderful memories over the jump.

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