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T-Minus Three Days Until the Lockout

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I so purdy.
I so purdy.

With the hockeypocalypse nearly upon us, are we all preparing out hockey stores for a long and lengthy lockout? I myself have "All Heart" queued up with the press of a button. What are you preparations?

Leafs Links

Forecasting Joffrey Lupul

BCP gives up a look at luck, health, and tough matchups.

Once Again, Burke's Leafs Could Stick With the Status Quo

Well as they say, don't fix what isn't broken...........shit.

Burke and the Status Quo: Really?

"Oh no you didn't James Mirtle" says Mike at VLM.

Mirtle and Duhatschek Live Question Session

They'll be taking your questions at 2pm this afternoon.

Window Open for Scrivens to Play in AHL if Signed

Will Burke make a smart GM move and sign Scrivens before this exemption window closes?

Other Links

Looking at EA Sports "NHL" Series Over the Years

Sweet infographic on the current king of hockey video games.

Ranking the 5 Worst SBNation Hockey Logos

I think "Eyes on the Prize" looks like Sinestro.