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PPP Commenting CBA Negotations Continue

Like Gary, Jason is ready to walk away from the negotiating table.
Like Gary, Jason is ready to walk away from the negotiating table.

Sorry the FTB is so late because Chemmy and I were up negotiating late into the night. Unfortunately, it seems like things are quite intractable between the two of us. He is adamant that we give up using big text completely, reduce the amount of dancing GIFs, and a general displeasure with the tone and quality of the comments in general not to mention his desire to divest PPP of our Kitten Ranching activities. The truth is that we are both far too entrenched in our positions.

In order to see if we can find a way past these roadblocks Chemmy and I have decided that I will step away from the negotiating table and let you guys put together a proposal for Chemmy by 4pm today otherwise there'll be a lockout which would be terrible.

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Nobody Wants Joffrey Lupul

Europe doesn't want him but he's hinting on Twitter that he wants to cut out the middle man whatever the hell that means.

The Lockout

DGB and Bloge Salming ride again!

Goal Celebration Of The Year

This is pretty good.

Katz Group Looks For A Better Deal

Darryl Katz wants to get his hands deeper into the pockets of the simpletons of Edmonton and finally they might have reached their breaking point

1987 Canada Cup Game 3 Liveblog

Jake Goldsbie relives Canada's win. The video below is pretty awesome. Needless to say, Don Koharski isn't welcome in Moscow. The thing that shocked me was how much Gretzky and Lemieux dove and embellished. The Russians were expected to but I always thought good old Canadian boys didn't dive until Euros came to the NHL. Also, the stick work was insane.