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Here's A Fun Video About Hockey And A Few Other Links

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Happy Sunday, everyone! The above-linked video is supposed to be about fans refusing to accept a lockout, but I think it's mostly just a sweet compilation of highlights. Glove tap to Habs Eyes On The Prize for finding this one. Hope you enjoy.

Below the jump I've got a few more links, so I hope you're feeling chatty.

Kulemin: Toronto or Magnitogorsk?
Andrey Osadchenko has an interesting observation on Kulemin's team selection.

Why Nazem Kadri Should be the Toronto Maple Leafs' No. 1 Centre
Kevin Pentz is pretty high on Kadri's hands and playmaking abilities.

It's time to put Paul Henderson in the Hockey Hall of Fame
Stu Cowan at the Montreal Gazette has his say.

Vancouver police find three Stanley Cup riot suspects in the U.S.
A Canada-wide warrant for participation in a riot has been issued for their arrests. The suspects are in Washington, Alaska and one is believed to be in Illinois. From the CP at the Globe.

Follow the Money II: Electric Boogaloo
Tyler Dellow with more insight into the way the soon-expiring CBA affected player salaries.