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Someone Give Wil Wheaton a Red Shirt

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Wil Wheaton has been in exactly one movie/TV series that wasn't terrible, Stand By Me, only the director cast him in the wrong role; he should have been Ray Bower. Will Wheaton: front runner, terrible actor, douchebag. You were on Love Boat: The Next Wave; everything you say or do is terrible.

The Commenter Lockout / PPP Party Patrol continues here. Links after jump.

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Breaking down the prospects' numbers.

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Justin Bourne is a sneaky little trickster.

Potential Seattle Owner Counting on NHL Expansion an idiot.

WWF Hockey Jersey

How can you have a Hulkster jersey that isn't red and yellow?

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Tip on the intricacies of skating.

League Prevents Flyers Management From Attending Charity Event

.....are huge dicks.

NHLers Taking Jobs in Europe Away From Others

Mike at VLM wants to know why.

And That's Why You Never Play in the KHL

Seriously, somebodies going to get hurt by some plug.

OHL, USHL Putting Emphasis on Player Safety with New Initiatives

All of them good.

Product Review: The Sock Trap

Buy these. Look like a tool.