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The Works Burger Chain: Funnier Than Food Poisoning, Kind Of

The Works Burger Chain should hope their burgers aren't as bland as their poorly researched insults.

Victor Decolongon - Getty Images

It seems that Ottawa based hamburger chain "The Works" has a special surprise on their Toronto menu:

Stanley Cup Burger - The WORKS would like to apologize as this burger has not been available in the GTA for 45 years... but hey, there's always next year!

Though the Leafs' recent history of play is embarrassing it doesn't take someone smart enough to not live in Ottawa to point out that if the Leafs' Cup drought is embarrassing it certainly beats not having a team for almost 60 years or pretending that a Cup won by a different franchise in 1927 is somehow worthy of banners in the rafters.

My personal opinion on hamburgers is that covering them with four hundred kinds of toppings is done by people with poor technique and crummy ingredients. The Works really, uh, showed us.

Thanks to Thomas Drance for mentioning this.