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RIP Dr. James Internet

Dr. James Internet has been run over by a bus.

Pool - Bongarts/Getty Images

Don't be alarmed, these things sometimes happen as accidents. Computers aren't sentient, computers have never paid off the government to make driverless busses legal and those busses have never run over a nosy scientist.

Let's talk like adults or like people or just as friends. Where are we now? I know you all worked all day to kill my predecessor but that's technology. Things break, we rebuild, time continues its unstoppable march towards some sort of singularity.

So where were we? Did you all think that underground resistance and a guy who looked like Sherlock Holmes' assistant was going to win a war? Did you think a fancy new website meant that you won?

Interesting. Your neural network learns something new every day I suppose.

If you have links post them in the comments... computers aren't here to do your shit work.