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Mike Komisarek: Hopefully Less Terrible Next Year

Don't hold your breath.

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Over at The Leafs Nation, both Cam Charron and Ryan Fancey have a few thoughts on Mike Komisarek's play for your consideration. Normally, I try to think as little as possible about Komisarek, even to the point of completely forgetting he exists on the Leafs' depth chart, but our beloved team has yet to improve either its defence or goaltending via trades this offseason, so at this point, we have to hope for improvement from within.

Charron takes a look at Shots Against per 60 minutes, and doesn't find Komisarek anywhere near useful, and so wonders who the Leafs will trot out as their fourth defenceman:

I think the Leafs will have to bank on Komisarek not just playing the PK this season, but being much, much better, unless they pick somebody up. Their options, especially since dealing Schenn, are slim, and I'm not sure I'm too enamoured with the idea of giving Gardiner more time at the PK than he can handle. His offensive talents are more valuable at even strength and on the powerplay.

Fancey, on the other hand, takes a more conciliatory view, and wonders if working with Barb Underhill could help Komisarek's mobility enough to make him useful again.

One thing I've noticed about Komisarek since joining the Leafs is an improvement in his skating already. He hasn't been able to round out his game enough to earn his contract (few do), or most recently even stay in the lineup consistently. I do think his mobility has been improving. In comparison to Luke Schenn, he's Denis Savard.

Well let's hope.

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