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Moose Jaw Warrior Morgan Rielly Fights Eric Walker

Morgan Rielly will hopefully become many things for the Toronto Maple Leafs, most of them built around his offensive skill, but it is nice to know that he will be able to defend himself. Courtesy of Neate Sager of Buzz The Net comes an explanation of what prompted the donnybrook:

Morgan Rielly, the Toronto Maple Leafs No. 5 overall pick, was involved in a pier-sixer in the Swift Current Broncos-Moose Jaw Warriors game last Saturday. The Broncos were on their way to a 7-1 win over their Saskatchewan rivals when Warriors forward Andrew Johnson bumped into goalie Eetu Laurikainen in the crease. Laurikainen took whatever is the Finnish word for umbrage and gave Johnson a taste of his blocker. Out of the ensuing skirmish, Rielly and the Broncos' Eric Walker engaged what even those who aren't fight fans would have to agree was a heated melee.

It is not a particularly long fight but Typo looked like he was in a Wendel Clark highlight video.