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The Waiting Game

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We should be in the midst of discussion on silly rookie tournaments and training camp line combinations, but instead we're sitting here, twiddling our thumbs and waiting for news to drop. Like cold, cold molasses.

I've got a few links today, but there are only so many times we can read "nothing is happening" or "we'll have to wait and see".

Le sigh.

Everybody Hates Gary
This article from Dirty Dangle is oddly similar to one I have in the pipeline right now. Well, this one is mostly just photochops, but still. At least it's fun.

When Gary met Donald, a script all too familiar
Eric Duhatschek has been watching too many Meg Ryan movies.

Senators sign centre Zack Smith for four-year extension worth $7.55 million
So that's roughly $1.8M per year. From the CP at the Globe.

Report finds Boston University men’s hockey team has a culture of "sexual entitlement"
University President Robert A. Brown commissioned a task force to review the team after two players were accused of sexual assault in a three-month span this winter. From Lindsey Anderson at the AP.

Can the Toronto Maple Leafs Take Advantage of a Lower Salary Cap?
He's talking about a situation where there isn't a salary rollback. From Tony Notarianni at Maple Leafs Central.

Canadian Summit Series hero Phil Esposito is beloved in Russia, and he loves them back
"Really and truly, if you think about it, we're playing hockey like they did in the '70s (now) in Canada, and they're playing hockey like we did in the '70s here in Russia," Esposito told the Toronto Sun. Don't worry, this article is from Puck Daddy.

The 24-team solution
"Contraction!" says Cam Charron.

Kessel: A Leaf for Life? Maybe Not
The Leafs Nation's Ryan Fancey wonders how long 81 will stick around.