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Biggest Question of Burke's Firing Left Unanswered

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With the firing of Brian Burke came the removal of the signage for Burkie's Dog House. What will it be named now?

How quickly people move on
How quickly people move on
The Internet

When Brian Burke was fired a litany of questions immediately jumped into people's heads. Chief among those that were answered right away was what would happen to Burkie's Dog House. Acting to remove a public mention of the past GM with a speed that would have made a new Egyptian pharaoh proud they left a blank spot above the popular food stand. @MrButterChicken (a must follow) probably had the best suggestions that weren't related to the name:

But that left one big questions: What are they going to rename the Burkie Dog stand? Take the poll below or offer your own suggestions.

Here there be links.

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…it’s how you play the game.
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