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2013 Maple Leafs Schedule: Today is the day, what's been leaked?

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The 2013 NHL schedule should be released today so that we can finally start planning our lives out

Christian Petersen

As I write this, the players are voting on the memorandum of understanding. Once that is ratified then the league will quickly release the new schedule for the 2013 season and we can begin planning our lives for the next few months. We already know a few games that the Leafs will be playing. The Maple Leafs will open the 2013 season in Montreal at the Bell Centre on January 19 and then two days later their home opener will see them line up against the Buffalo Sabres. A possible copy of the Winnipeg Jets' schedule leaked as well that shows Toronto playing in Winnipeg on February 7th and hosting them on March 16th.

Update: The RDS Schedule is out so we know when Toronto will be playing in Montreal other than January 19th: February 9th.

Anyway, we'll see later this morning. On to the links

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