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Leafs Sign Mike Mottau

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Mike Mottau to a 1 year 2 way deal.

Bruce Bennett

When I first saw these tweets I was thinking Brett Lebda 2.0:

Mike Mottau had a PTO with Florida that was torn up so he could sign this deal, I'd guess he's in contention to compete in camp against Mike Kostka, loser heads to the AHL.

We better hope so, Mike Mottau is a 34 year old who's managed to play 55 games in the past two years. This doesn't seem like an important move to be honest unless something insane like guaranteeing Mottau a spot on the Leafs happened (unlikely given the 2 way deal) or unless this is the total of Dave Nonis' defensive upgrade.

Salary Update:

Funny Update Courtesy Old Man Forbes:

Mottau played for Greg Cronin in junior and for Scott Gordon on the Island. Mystery solved!

Update by Skinnyfish:

Was sent this video of Mike Mottau "playing defense" on Twitter. It's titled "Mike Mottau's Snow Angel of Despair"

Mottau Speaks To The Media