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Podcasts and Leafs Camp

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Haha we are having so much fun!
Haha we are having so much fun!
Bruce Bennett

Give a listen to the podcasts linked below for some good discussions on the Leafs, and click the links for even more.

Leafs Nation Podcast: We're Back!

JP, Danny, birky, and I get together and discuss the Leafs, Brian Burke's firing, Luongo, and more.

Hockee Night and Pension Plan Puppets Fire Everybody

I, Skinnyfish, sat down with CT and Forklift for their podcast which we titled "An Ode to John Scott".

Maple Leafs in for Major Defensive Makeover Under Carlyle

Umm....the Ducks under Carlyle and after Niedermeyar were terrible on defense.

Leafs Fans Have the Patience for a "True Rebuild"

Not according to the former GM. Probably why he is the former GM.

Are Leafs Fan Banking our Future Too Much on Rielly and Gardiner?

I don't think so.

Is Reimer Ready for Leafs's Spotlight?

He wasn't under it already?

Dave Nonis now GM, Looks to End Playoff Drought

Wanna maybe give us a timeline on that?

Five Free Agents That Could Help NHL Teams

A Kubina return wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

NHL 2013 Season: Milestone Tracker

Some big ones up for grabs this year.