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Ah, Leafs News!

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It is a refreshing change to get some actual Leafs news to discuss.

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Christian Petersen

It's so wonderful to finally have some new Leafs stories to discuss, rehash, and rehash again. I'm looking forward to Saturday night like crazy, and I don't even care if the Leafs win or lose. Shoot for the playoffs? I'm happy. Shoot for the basement? I'm happy. WOOOO HOCKEY.

30 Thoughts: Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf take priority on Ducks
Elliotte Friedman is awesome.

Fantasy Hockey: Defenseman Composite Rankings
Dion Phaneuf comes in at number 11, so that's cool. From Darren Kritzer at BHS.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
From Justin Bourne & Co.

Roaming Rielly ready to stay put on Leafs’ blueline
Yeah, he should stay in the CHL. Article from James Mirtle.

Marlies Hot & Cold: January 7th to January 13th
Woof. Not a lot of good news, here. From Kyle Cicerella.

Brian Burke's other legacy: You Can Play
Andrew (a.k.a. manbearpigglpu) has a guest post up at TLN.

What would you like the Maple Leafs’ identity to be?
Michael Langlois has another podcast and a bit of written opinion for your contemplation.