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Leafs Home Opener Is Tonight

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The opening night ceremonies have been long, none moreso than the Habs' tribute to their fans' riotous nature, but how long will Toronto's last?

Richard Wolowicz

On Saturday the Montreal Canadiens treated every viewer with over 20 minutes of pregame ceremony including tempting fate by bringing a lit torch into the Bell Center signifying something or other. The question for tonight is; starting from 7pm, how long will it take to drop the puck tonight? Take the poll.

Here be your links.

Nonis (interview) On Lupul Signing

Our very own PPP weighs in on the deal.

Why Signing Joffrey Lupul is a Huge Risk for the Leafs

Little to no point is given besides the fact he once had back problems. Ok then.

Dion Phaneuf the Workhorse of the Toronto Maple Leafs Role Players

Nonis needs to find another defensemen for this team before Carlyle kills Phaneuf.

Game 1: Kadri and Company

Steve Dangle does....something. I'm not sure what I'm watching.

Can Carlyle do what Quinn did?

Mike at VLM wants to know.

Fantasy Observations from Opening Night

Ben Scrivens among top 5 players added to teams. Too funny.

Early Season Trade Targets

Of course Luongo to Toronto is included.

2013 NHL Standings and Trophies Prediction

Mirtle has the Leafs finishing 12th.

NHL Power Rankings

Leafs at 29th. This is better.

Luke Schenn Scores Own Goal Against Penguins

And because I always follow the rules.