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The game didn't end the way the Leafs would have liked, but the effort was there.

Rick Stewart

I'm writing this FTB a bit early, so forgive me if I'm missing your recaps, but if you came here just looking for a bit of info, check out the recap over at CBC, or the box score from the NHL. If you're too lazy to read those things, then here is the skinny:

Leafs out-shoot Sabres 35-20. Ryan Miller is good. Not a bad showing for the Leafs at all.

And that's about all you need to know.

Anyhow, on to the links.

Miller time in Toronto: Leafs lose home opener to Sabres 2-1
Cam Charron with a recap at TLN.

Some thoughts on the Asham/Glass tilt, and fights off the opening draw
Justin Bourne is loving it.

Matt Greene, LA Kings defenseman, out for season with back injury
Woof. From Greg Wyshynski.

Paul MacLean’s evil twin is seriously freaking us out
Pretty funny. Wish someone would have done this to Ron Wilson. From Greg Wyshynski.

La vie est une puck: Syl Apps
A great French-language blog for those of you who can read it. And hey, he's focusing on an old, great Leaf.

Marlies Hot & Cold: January 14th to January 20th
Yes, the Leafs are back, but it's still not a bad idea to keep an eye on the Marlies. From Kyle Cicerella.

Ten observations from opening weekend
DGB's new post at Grantland. I like to give DGB's site some of the hits, though.