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Morning Links: On The Leafs' Win, Phil Kessel's Shooting, And More

We're trying out a new format for the FTB. We'll see how things go. Please read the programming note.

Reminder: This was a road game.
Reminder: This was a road game.
Tom Szczerbowski

Programming Notes

We're going to be changing up the FTB a bit going forward. A post that is strictly links will go up in the early morning and then the articles we write in them will go into their own post later in the day. We feel that often times the FTB articles get overlooked so we wanted to break them out into their own post so they get the attention they deserve.

Also, we received a note from a couple of you lazy westerners that by the time you had hauled your slothful behinds out of bed that us industrious easterners (who are freezing no thanks to you guys) have chalked up too many comments. So, we're returning to our old policy of having Chatty Cathy fanshots posted where you guys can chat about the miscellany of life. Now, it's up to you guys to set it up and attract people over there. Post a link in the comments so people can follow the bread crumbs. In the meantime, while there is some leeway for going off topic, we'll all be deleting comments that are off-topic. As with most things here, we'll see how it goes and adjust on the fly.

Without further ado, today's links

The Crafty Randy Meme Generator
Never played in an NHL game before? I'll play you for half of one every night!

Game #6 in 10
11 - How does Franson (1G, 1A) only get 13 minutes of icetime?

Frattin Party
Game recap at LeafsNation

Tracking Phil Kessel's Shots on Goal
Check out the strong body work by Kessel in the first clip. Pushover my ass.

In the East, the Leafs can make the Playoffs
According to Mike at VLM anyways.

So You've Scored a Goal
DGB brings you proper etiquette for a goal scoring celebration.

So how exactly did Marc Bergevin win here?
Lambert isn't sure that the Habs came out on top of this contract

Marc Bergevin is an idiot... Or not
Andrew Berkshire disagrees with Lambert

Watch Nick Schultz Get Rudely Welcomed to the NHL
Absolutely freight trained.

What Else Would $550 Million Buy?
Given $550 million, how could Edmonton remake the city if it didn't involve a downtown arena?

New FanPosts

[Editor's Note: I'm going to ask you guys a favour, be gentle. And don't bother mentioning spelling and grammar because they're all found wanting on that end. I'll edit them later. Focus on the ideas and uhhh again, be gentle. The feedback will help them get better]

Mediocrity is a loss away; Winning streak come soon
Some thoughts on the Leafs

Package Bozak, Steckel and MacArthur - but keep Kessel
Thoughts on the roster moves the Leafs should make going forward

How the Leafs Could of Been Legitimate Stanley Cup Contenders by the 2013 Season
You guys are going to love this one...