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Morning Links: The Caps' Powerplay, Eric Tangradi, Toronto's Toxicity, and More

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Your daily dose of morning links with vintage Leafs pictures, Derek Morris flipping out, tactical analysis, and more

These games are sometimes fun!
These games are sometimes fun!
Greg Fiume

Morning Links For Your Consumption

FanPost: Toronto's Toxicity
Toronto has becoming an increasingly toxic environment when it comes to sports and sports fandom. When it comes to the Leafs however, it rises to a new level.

The 411 on the 1-3-1 Power Play
A look at what we can expect tonight from the Caps' power play tonight

Classic Leafs pictures
If you haven't visited in a while, Vintage Leafs has been putting up some great pictures recently.

Don Cherry Swings At Nail Yakupov And Hits Himself Square In The Face
Zona invented the Don Cherry cocktail. Sounds gross.

Greg Jamison’s bid to own Phoenix Coyotes ending in failure?
This is my shocked face

Derek Morris crashes Nail Yakupov’s celebration, attacks Oilers after OT win (VIDEO)
Maybe Morris is just a big Kings fan.

The looming Jason Spezza problem
If the Senators and Jason Spezza sign another contract, one side is going to walk away unhappy with the deal.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
Leafs’ Frattin scores OT winner, great skaters, expansion and more

Are the Vancouver Canucks "Cody Hodgson’ing" Roberto Luongo’s stats?
Is he getting easy starts to goose his stats?

The Power of Positive Thinking
The difficulty with deal with concussions in real time

Minnesota Wild in Trouble? Playing GM
Seems a little early to panic

Eric Tangradi: Bust or simply an unfinished project?
The Leafs aren't the only team that needs to have a little patience with a forward prospect.