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Here Come The Leafs

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There have been some that suggested that the end of the lockout should be greeted with something other than joy at having our favourite sport begin again. Here's the perfect Beatles song to capture my mood.

Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that I was what the kids might call out of my mind with happiness that this lockout seems to be over. The reaction was obviously varied as some grumbled that 'hockey' had never left or that the Leafs stink so who wants to see that anyway. But one tweet caught my eye:

That's "I'm So Tired" by the Beatles which fits pretty well for those that actually stayed up all night following the negotiations. But, I think that the song in the video above works much better for how I think a lot of hockey fans feel.

Thank God that's over.

Special thanks to my sister for getting the audio synced up. The video mash-up is by the talented "Nivlektehfudger" and you should check it out with the original music here: