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Let's Pump The Brakes On Luongo

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Really though, let's just take a deep breath.

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Claus Andersen

A rather startling bit of news from Pierre LeBrun of ESPN makes you wonder whether or not the Leafs should be taking a chance on a 33 year-old goalie, let alone trading one of their best offensive prospects for Roberto Luongo. If Nazem Kadri is "merely" a cost-controlled, second line player, he might help the Leafs more than another potential boat-anchor contract. Maybe.

Oh, and then there is the whole salary distribution thing to deal with (outlined by Cam Charron). As details emerge, the new CBA is complicating things even more.

If 'to Luongo or not to Luongo' is not a debate you're interested in wading into, don't be put off, because there are plenty of links to discuss today. Enjoy.

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