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Maple Leafs Open Season Against Montreal At The Bell Centre

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We are still waiting on the rest of the schedule but opening night will be Saturday January 19, 2013 in Montreal at the Bell Centre against the Montreal Canadiens

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

As per Renaud Lavoie, the Toronto Maple Leafs will open the season against the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre:

The rest of the schedule is still to come after the CBA's Memorandum of Understanding is ratified but Bob McKenzie has the format that the 48 game season will take:

If the Leafs are lucky it will mean that they only play Boston and Buffalo four times and Montreal and Ottawa five times. Either way, it's better than the original rumour which would have seen the Leafs play each divisional team seven times.

The other highlight of the move was that apparently the CBC was the impetus for Leafs-Habs on opening night as it had originally looked like it was going to be the Bruins opening the season in Montreal:

Good to know that carrying the League's television revenues for so many years has at least bought the CBC a little juice with the schedule makers. The Raptors play in Toronto on the 20th so the Leafs' home opener will likely be Tuesday night.

Update: so there might be a desire by the league to keep the old schedule that I forgot about which may lead to the Leafs' next game being at 1pm on a Monday? I hope that's wrong since they already adjusted the schedule once but it is a US holiday...

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