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[Saturday LL] Gearing Up For The Old Man Oilers

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Yeah, that's right.

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Dale MacMillan

Whenever the Edmonton Oilers are in town, all anyone hears about is their youth movement. As James Mirtle pointed out a couple days ago, the Leafs are actually the youngest team in the league right now, but we know this won't deter the likes of Glen Healy from raving about the Oilers' young talent. I guess, to be fair, if we're talking about the core of the team, the Leafs look older, but steel yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. You know we're going to hear about it.

Anyway, here are some links.

Tavares pulls out a tooth on the bench

Yeah, it's gross. If gross isn't your thing, don't watch it.

Edler suspended for 3 games for hit on Hertl

Video from Shanaban and commentary by Wyshynski.

The double minor dilemma

More good stuff from Eric T.

Sergei Federov signs a one-year deal in the KHL

Yes, that's right, Federov is 43.

Patrick Kaleta to have an in-person hearing

He's been suspended until they have the hearing.