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[Sunday LL] Happy Thanksgiving! Signed, The Leafs

What a great day.

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One of the best parts of a Saturday night Hockey Night In Canada win for the Leafs is that the next day is often a lazy Sunday, with not much else to do, other than watch the Game In Six like five times.

Oh, and here's Randy's presser. Seems to have a good perspective of the game.

When you get bored of doing that, go watch some other highlights from around the league. In fact, there's even a number of afternoon games scheduled for today for your laid-back enjoyment. Watching Phoenix and Carolina? It's good just to have NHL hockey on that isn't going to stress you out. Cheer for the Coyotes, I guess, since we should hope that all other Eastern teams lose their inter-conference games. Go ahead and cheer for Los Angeles while you're at it. Ah, dog-dangling afternoons.

So check out a few links and get chatty.

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