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Goaltending Consistent with Head Injuries

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Both Toronto goaltenders showed signs of a head injury in last night's game. First, James Reimer suffered a likely concussion after Josh Leivo's terrible skating ability led to him being unable to stop on the ice like Louis Mendoza, striking Reimer in the head with his knee and knocking Reimer out of the game. Later, with the score 2-2, Jonathan Bernier fell victim to a horrible brain fart, inadvertently knocking the puck into his own net on an icing (which really wasn't an icing because the Carolina player reached the hashmarks first) on what would be the GWG for the Hurricanes. Randy Carlyle was quick to note that both goaltenders were wearing helmets at the time of their head injuries and has speculated in the past that helmets may be just like seatbelts in that they do more harm then good. It'll be interesting to see the helmet situation for these players going forward.


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