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I Didn't Watch the Game: Leafs at Blackhawks Recap

Due to my not subsribing to the NHL Network channel, I was unable to watch tonight's Leafs game, but that doesn't mean I can't write a recap of it and give my opinion on the Leafs play.


1st Period

No goals scored against? That's good! No goals scored for? That's bad.

9 SOG against? Pretty average. 3 SOG for with 3:45 of powerplay time included? Uh oh, not another one of those games. Did you know the Leafs haven't had more than 28 shots on goal since Game 3? It's true.

David Bolland took a penalty which means he probably was far too worked up about his return to Chicago after his time there, especially after the standing ovation he received from the crowd which Twitter told me about.

All in all not a bad period for the Leafs even though they were thoroughly out Corsi'd *TM.

2nd Period

Not a lot of good things to say about this period according to the spreadsheets. 20 SOG for the Hawks to only 9 for the Leafs. Woof, that's terrible.

On Bickell's goal, twitter tells me that the book is out on Bernier:

I find this to be funny because I did watch the Edmonton game where this happened:

But yeah let's keep talking about how Reimer has the bad glove hand between Toronto goalies.

Kadri got a goal which rules because he's at 8 pts in 9 games, but still not worthy of more icetime which does not rule because the center playing above him is terrible.

Oh and Mike Kostka scored because of course he did.

Terrible period for the Leafs

3rd Period

I waded into the GDT during the third period and apparently Carlyle showed some of that coaching genius that helped the Ducks win a Cup, by putting Colton Orr on the ice with Nazem Kadri. I have to ask; Why? Why do this? Who in the hell would think that Colton Orr can play hockey? Dumb move in my honest opinion.

A good question. I mean I know the forwards are depleted by injury, but Colton Orr is without a doubt the worst hockey player on the Leafs payroll, in the NHL or elsewhere. Get him off the team.

Anyways, no scores were goals as Chicago just sat back to protect the league and still didn't get outshot by the Leafs in the period.

Final Thoughts

Market blackouts suck and the Leafs were thoroughly blown out of the water. Good times were had by all.