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[Leafs Links] Leafs Win, FTB Re-branded

Bolland hockey well play.

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Bruce Bennett

As new readers pass by the PPP, it's probable that they wonder what the heck FTB stands for. It was just "from the Branches", implying that other blogs we are 'linked' to write about the 'leaves'. A cute play on words, but the order has been handed down from on high it's easier if we just call a spade a spade. "Leafs Links", it shall be, from here on.

Let's all bask in the glow of a two-oh-and-oh start and read some links.

Teams Getting Younger And Stronger

That is, from a year ago. Leafs still among the youngest and the biggest, points out Mirtle.

Associated Press Game Recap

This one at the G&M by Dan Gelston.

Some GMs Say It's Time To Lose Fighting

Keep fighting, lose the goons, I say. Dreger reports that Yzerman, Rutherford, and Shero are on the anti-fighting bandwagon.

Leafs Nation Recap

Bernier good, Bolland also good.

Justin Bourne is torn when it comes to fighting

He contributes his personal experience to the conversation.

Kessel's contract the new norm

The latest from Five For Fighting