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Heat Maps, Marlies, and Three-and-Oh


Does Reimer have a weak glove hand as all the pundits claim he does?Well we'll find out this season because I'm tracking goal locations for both Reimer and Bernier this season.

Through Three

Early observations on the Leafs season.

Why Phil Kessel is worth $64M

All dem goals.

General Notes on a General Sunday

Interesting little rule in the CBA.

A Perfect Week for the Leafs

Fighting for Stanley is talking the blue and white.

CBC After Dark

mc79 picks up the Cox Bloc mantle to destroy the HNIC broadcast.

Marlies Win 5-1 Over Lake Erie

Most teams can only beat a city. The Marlies beat a lake.

Reimer Fumbles, Bernie Picks Up the Ball

This and other musings.