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[Leafs Links] Trade Jake Gardiner?

Yikes, I hope not.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The idea of trading Jake Gardiner for anything less than a king's ransom makes no sense, right now. Can Dave Nonis get Sean Couturier? No? Keep Gardiner. (Checks Couturier's HockeyDB page) Wait a minute, I'm not even positive that's a good idea. No time to look into that any deeper right now, there's teaching to be done!

Why the Leafs are 3-0-0

Cam Charron offers a few theories.

Jake Gardiner Trade Speculation

Cam with his two cents.

30 Thoughts

Even though this was only published yesterday, it's still basically an 'ICYMI' post. Everyone reads these the second they're posted. Thoughts 14 and 15 keep the Gardiner trade speculation going

Trevor Smith earns a call-up

From Jeffler