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Big Leafs Hits

Hitting in hockey is pretty sweet. Hitting in NHL '14 (hint this is an advertorial, please buy the game) is supposed to be pretty awesome. Once upon a time, it was the only way to get the puck back.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports


I'm not much of a gamer anymore. I can't handle the double thumb sticks and I'm awful at first person shooter games. Actually, I haven't been good at video games since 'gamer' became a thing - ie well after Super Nintendo - however, I am generally pretty good at sports games. Is it because of my vast knowledge of tactics and strategies? Or is it because I usually never play at that hard of a level?

In simpler times, hitting was how I always got the puck back. Forget the stick lift or stick check or hooking or whatever baby strategy other people used. The first thing I learned how to do was to time my hits for maximum effect. The new physics engine in NHL '14 is supposed to be more true to life which means it'll probably further erode my abilities. Anyway, this was a long meandering way to both shout at clouds and set up the premise of the post which is buy NHL '14 to share videos of huge Leaf hits. Feel free to toss your favourites in the comments so that we can enjoy them all. So without further ado:

Wendel Clark on Bruce Bell

Dion Phaneuf on Stephane Da Costa

Darcy Tucker on Sami Kapanen

Tie Domi on Martin Havlat

Mark Bell on Daniel Alfredsson

Nazem Kadri on Alexei Emelin

Luke Schenn on Thomas Vincour

Mats Sundin on Brad May

Doug Gilmour on Steve Smith