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[Thursday's Leafs Links] Nazem Kadri Judgment Day

The Leafs are likely to be down another center when they face Buffalo on Friday.

Hannah Foslien

By now you've probably heard that Nazem Kadri got himself into a spot of trouble, last night. His first infraction was probably his worst, as he got puck-watching and proceeded to absolutely mow down Niklas Backstrom. It's hard to say at what point Kadri realized he was going to collide with Minnesota's goalie, but the simple fact of the matter is that he needed to be more aware. I'm not sure he "leads" with his forearm, but there is definitely contact, there. Backstrom left the game shortly thereafter and did not return. Kadri was issued a minor penalty on the play, but nothing more.

After taking another minor penalty for hooking (by most accounts in my Twitter feed, it was a soft call), Kadri then proceeded to lay a solid hit on Mikael Granlund. Kadri was certainly headed towards Granlund's chest/shoulders, but because of Granlund's stance, Kadri made contact with his head. It's debatable whether or not Granlund's skull was the "principle point of contact", but this was enough for the refs to eject Kadri for the remainder of the game, and I can't say I blame them. "Fool me once..." Ejection from a match makes for an automatic phone call from Mr. Brendan Shanahan.

So now Shanahan has to decide if Kadri deserves a suspension for one or both of these plays, and how many games each of them deserves.

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